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Insanity, Crime and the Courts

Judy Jackson, MA researches and writes about medical jurisprudence. FFF provides a platform for expertise on historical, and contemporary court cases where psychiatric, or psychological testimony has been introduced. Affirmative defenses include: extreme emotional distress, temporary insanity, dissociative disorders,  psychosis, altered states including sleep disorders, involuntary intoxication, personality disorders, trauma, and brain damage due to prolonged mental illness, accidents, addiction, aging, and neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Her focus is on criminal insanity as a legal defense, beginning in the 19th Century, its current use in the courts, and how expert testimony impacts fact finders. In addition, she is an astute observer of how the media, and entertainment industries depict these complex issues. A strong public speaker, Judy is available to host panels, or participate in symposiums on criminal responsibility, cultural representations of disturbed defendants, and legislation addressing issues such as access to handguns.

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Criminal Insanity

A conversation with Judy Jackson, MA about the creation and current state of a legal defense.

Originally posted Jan 10, 2016  as part of a podcast series for The Morbid Anatomy  Museum in Brooklyn, New York.  Host Molly McBride Jacobson interviews experts, and eccentrics on topics relating to death, culture, and obscure history who present at MAM.



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