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Judy Jackson, MA, Founder and CEO of FullForce Forensics, LLC

After graduating from John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a Masters degree in Forensic psychology, Judy Jackson worked in psychiatric programs, and legal settings for twenty years. Her insight into historical, and contemporary cases involving criminal insanity, is unparalleled. She specialized in legal affairs for Kirkus Reviews, has contributed research to two books, and co-authored a substantial piece in The Nation. Judy takes on the most divisive and incendiary issues, including the right to refuse medication, access to handguns by those deemed mentally ill, and the debate over sick vs. evil. She has written about pornography & the first amendment, obtained all subjects — including talking heads — for an award winning documentary on relationships formed in prison, and has successfully proposed and pitched many projects including the effects of the “bare branch syndrome” in India, on heightened sexual violence.

As a Forensic evaluator, therapist, and advocate, Judy  submitted hundreds of reports to the courts containing diagnosis and treatment plans for mentally ill, personality disordered, neurologically impaired, and developmentally disabled adults and adolescents, many with dual diagnosis. She also worked as a community conduit, crisis intervention specialist post 9/11, and as a legal assistant specializing in research and writs. Conducting interviews with inmates at Rikers Island for The NY Legal Aid Society, Judy contributed to a successful class action suit against abusive correctional officers in NY facilities. Trained to work with the most violent and disturbed offenders, she has exceptional investigative techniques, and is adept at analyzing medical, arrest, & psychiatric records.

Her other credentials include: training in risk assessment, malingering detection, appraising juvenile sex offenders, paralegal certification, and utilizing psycho-spiritual solutions as alternatives to mainstream approaches. Judy was an early adapter in bringing Yoga to forensic facilities, and is a pioneer in the field of utilizing sound healing modalities for such settings. She also taught women in NY State prisons emotional regulation and stress reduction. She is dedicated, enthusiastic, high energy, and highly resourceful.


Education & Qualifications

  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice
  •    BA/MA Forensic Psychology
  • Long Island University, Paralegal Certification
  • Open Center, SMI Institute, Sound Practitioner


Memberships & Affiliations

  • Investigative Reporters & Editors
  • John Jay College Alumni Association
  • Psychology and Law Society

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